Lillian Bassman at London’s Atlas Gallery

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On the way home from launching my Lisbon exhibition “The Power of Femininity”, I was inspired to stop at London’s Atlas Gallery (www.Atlasgallery.com) for a rare exhibition of photographs by the Lillian Bassman (1917-2012). I have studied her work from my photo books for years, this being my first opportunity to see prints live. The Atlas curation was both stunning and impactful; all 27 images.

A prelude to her show on Art Rabbit (artrabbit.com) said it best: “Bassman’s work was significant in emphasizing the power of elegance, mystery, and gesture in fashion. Her prints, developed in high contrast and carefully over-exposed, are abstract, luminous, soft yet captivatingly dramatic”

It took years for me to personally be comfortable with my own favorite images which,  in pure technical views, might be considered flawed ( e.g., focus and exposure). I take solace in the fact that Bassman was obviously comfortable with this approach, with captivating results.

Leaving London with visions planted in my brain…


Ted Witek wins in London’s Black & White Spider Awards

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On October 26th in London, the 14th Annual Black and White Spider Awards nominated 9 of Ted Witek’s photographs (5 photographs in Fashion, 2 in Nude, 1 in Fine Arts and Silhouette). Ted Witek won 3 of these awards (2 in Fashion & 1 in Nude). Ted‘s work was selected among 6418 entries from 73 countries.

The winning photographs:


Miki, by Ted Witek


Sunday Afternoon, by Ted Witek




Fabrica Mannequim #1, by Ted Witek

Herb Ritts – In Full Light

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Ted seldom passes through a city without getting a glimpse of a current photography exhibition. ” I spend a significant portion of my down time viewing of photography books as relaxing inspiration, but I enjoy most being very close to a print, especially when prepared in classic silver gelatine style” Before all of my travels, I scan the notices of shows that I believe will be of aesthetic interest and often pass through on my way from or to the airport. I do not need much time to be inspired.”

In Full Light


Herb Ritts

Cultural Center of Cascais

Having seen a small collection of Herb Ritts’ vintage prints on display earlier this year at London’s Hamilton Gallery, I was pleased to learn of the 106 print show “In Full Light” at The Cultural Center of Cascais (through January 21st) in my former neighborhood just outside Lisbon. Ritts, born in LA and with us for only 50 years before his death in 2002, was behind numerous iconic fashion photographs and advertisements of our time as well as direction of several commercials and music videos such as Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” (with extraordinary contributions from mother nature that few realize).

It is not difficult to appreciate each and every one of these photographs; however, the high proportion of images captured outside the studio are most illustrative of his aesthetic genius. Curator Alessandra Mauro notes his California upbringing was behind “his natural inclination for light, materials, and color,” with several images reflecting ‘the tactile elements of materials exalting the human skin in relation to water, sand, fabric, and mud.’ In simple words, he spent a lot of time with his camera on the beach.

In addition to beauty and fashion, there is a large display of his portraits, including the iconic Madonna who was on hand to open the exhibition in her new home in Portugal.